6 reasons to advertise with InStore Media


1. The floor advertising and shopping basket ads increases brand awareness and drives sales

  • 70-80% of the customers make their buying decisions inside the store
  • 60% of all shoppers go through all or almost every aisle
  • 42% of all brand purchases are made when there is an in-store activity


2. In-store marketing method is highly effective 

  • Studies show that with our service you can increase your sale on average 25%
  • Latest number of one campaign shows almost 40% increase in sale.


3. Nationwide distribution networks and large store coverage.

We have

  • circa 30 own distributors around Finland
  • almost 700 grocery stores around Finland, e.g. coverage of K-Citymarkets is over 90% and K-Supermarkets around 80%
  • All store types from market size store to hypermarkets are represented
  • Written agreement with the shop owner to use advertising space


4. All-inclusive service, material in electronical format is enough.

We take care of

  • the advertising spaces
  • printing the material
  • distribution and cleaning
  • insurance
  • social and environmental aspects (e.g. environmental friendly printing and recycling of the ad materials after the use)


5. Flexible and fast service

  • no pointless middlemen, changes and individual solutions are easy to make
  • well working co-operation with local printing house
  • campaign can be done in just three weeks (including printing the material)


6. Competitive pricing

  • advertising space for one week in one hypermarket is under 27€
  • contact price under 1,40€/1000 contact


Let us boost your sales with outstanding marketing! Enquire for a proposal and pricing details today!